Friday, December 3, 2010

When Silence Comes

Once upon a time there was a girl, who fell in love with a boy, he brought her pain, he brought her shame. She was naked, filled with sorrow, trapped in her turtle's shell.
Time passed and she grew stronger, she kept herself from feeling anything any longer.
Strange days arrived, she promissed to her friends never to fall in love again, she flew from every boy, stood away from every date. She was happy, she was kind, she had friends she wanted to fly. Big dreams moved her foward, big heart gave her peace, but where was love?
Part of her wanted it all, great love, a bunch of kids, the other part was too hurt to accept even the possibility of feeling anything close to passion, to fire.
She looked arround and felt horribly alone, everyone was in love everyone could go home to someone. But she couldn't, she wouldn't, she was scared. And soon she forgot all about love.
So many people kept trying to remind her, but no one was capable to awake that part of her heart, "it was safer this way" she thought.

Safe or not silence came.
It was cold,, restless, and it pulled her away from the world, cause love was to strong for her to ignore, so silence she prefered and stoped caring anymore.

Then he came, with his silly walk, and fast talk, he put her in her place, and there was no grace about him, he was careless of what would come next, living the moment, facing the fear, she tried stopping love but it was to late, and he was to near. She fell and got up, stood in front of him, looked him in the eyes, and she felt powerless. She knew from that moment on that the fight was over, love had won. She was still scared, but also hoppeful, she dreamed a new dream, and ther was love, and dates, and friendship, there was him and that was simply enough.~

He came, and took the silence away.