Monday, September 21, 2009

Over you

I thought everything would be okay, I knew this year things would be harder, but I never knew things would be difficult between us, I really hoped for the best, but what do I thought the best was? God I knew how you were, how everything was.. Sure there was never promisses, you never said forever, and I was foolish enough not to make you say how you felt, what we were. So maybe, we were nothing, or maybe we were everything, every moment, every bit of time our hearts sang the same melody, every words left to say couldn't define us.. We were nothing like common, we were everything but true, and in the end, I looked everywhere and there was no you.
So I asked myself many times today, if everything was meant to be this way. My heart shouted no, but my head stills stays low. And I walk the steps we used to walk together, I talk to myself the way we used to talk to each other but nobody answers, cause you knew all the thing I loved to hear, you knew everything made sense when we were near.
I saw the look on your face when you knew I could tell that things weren't well, and you still stayed far away, and you stoped looking my way, and somehow in the middle of all that mess, I looked up and saw a light, and I knew that as time passed by everything would be alright.
So now I'm just hanging on, keeping in my memorie that the person who pull me up was the one who brought me down.


  1. you write so beautifully. I have the same thing with my mess. He is the one that makes me the happiest but he is the one that has torn out my heart. There is a song by Sheryl Crow called, "Anything but Down". I think you'd appreciate the song. In the end of the song she realizes she has wishes of her own that he cannot give her. It's hard hun. I'm right there with ya in the heart & the mind confusion. I wish I had the answers, I truly do.

  2. People must be confident on their own.
    People must know what they worth.
    People must know themselves.
    People must love themselves, first of all, and when this happen people gets a protecting shield that will protect them of the outside world.
    Life is made by moments. Life is made by joy and sadness. Life is made by beautiful and lovely moments as it is by bad and awful moments. Life is life and life is what it is.
    Motivation, hope on creating a better and fair world where principles, values, love, emotions, family and friendship is a must and the most valued things and sensations will lead us to construct a better society with better persons and where there is no place for envy, sadness, rage, solitude, anger and other bad feelings .... this new society will be fulfilled by love, friendship, understanding, peace and all the nice and lovely feelings of the world
    Don't let no one draw you down as you don't deserve that happens with you