Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Do you ever think about how everything could be different if you just did something that in the that time you thought it wasn't a good thing to do ?
Do you believe that everything that we do isn't important? Because some people believe that the story of our lives has already been writen, so it doesn't really matter what you do and say, life is just a game sometimes, but I don't agree..
If I did, I would never do anything, I'd seat in my sofa and stare at the tv, knowing that everything would happen even with me doing nothing..
I believe we have control over our destiny, I believe that everything I have I got it by fighting, by struggling, by never giving up.
A few days ago my world collapsed, I thought that finaly destiny had played a trick on me, and there was nothing I could do.. I thought "why should I continue struggling if in the end fate always gets the best of us??". And I stopped believing in myself, because being controlled wasn't for me, my life didn't mean anything without me having some kind of power over it..
I was confused, and thinking that all my life I had been wrong about this, no matter what I did, everything had ended up wrong..
And then there was light!
I could see, I could feel it.. And I decided to play a trick on fate, and with all my strenght I did something destiny never expected, I reacted.
And it worked.. Or at least for now it worked..
So the big conclusion for me is: sure fate and destiny play a huge part in our lives, and sure I get pissed off with it, but if everytime destiny shouts "it's that way", and I take the other path, maybe, even if just for a day, I'll know that everything was my choice..


  1. "It’s my life - my decisions, no matter how hard or easy they were; and my mistakes, from which I had to learn… And that’s something that scared me: making my own destiny. Sometimes it was just easier to believe in fate and to think that every mistake you make and every victory you celebrate was just leading you to the ultimate grand finale of life. Just sometimes…" - My Currently Titled "Broken Reflection" book :3-

    I can quote myself :D

  2. Even thinking that we have our destiny written in advance and we can do nothing for change it we must not stop fighting and become passive. If we cannot change is one thing but other is we cannot change but we are sure that we make all we can to change it and we fight, and struggle and we don't let the things to turn us down.... one thing is seat on the sofa in front of the TV other is we fight for what we want and in what we believe .... and you has been always a fighter in all your life.