Sunday, December 13, 2009

Make you mine

I wake up every morning,
Yet prisoner of my dreams of you,
When walking to school I always pray,
That somehow they'll come true..
You arrive,
Unaware of the way you shine,
Careless of how you always look so fine...
You walk as if you own the place,
So perfectly that you make me want to look away,
Hoping you won't see the imperfections of my face.
But I still stop,
And wait,
With the ilusion that you'll look at me today...
Somehow in the middle of those thoughts,
My eyes meet yours,
And it always makes me guess,
Is it true or just an accident in all that mess?
I never have enough time to get an answer,
You move towards me like a perfect dancer,
You hug me like you've known me for a long time,
The only thing you don't know,
Is that I would give anything to make you mine ...


  1. i totally get you.
    i feel the same way :/
    adorei o poema :) <3

    btw FINALLY decided to post something.
    (já não vinha cá há séculos :O)


    (já pus o video para informatica na net :3 mas ainda hei-de editar

    mas aqui está)

  2. Lovely and touching text....
    what would we shall expect, if not this, from a fine writter like you....

    Happy New Year