Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love Actually

Yeah, we've all seen that movie a dozen times, and still I can't help but to smile and cry everytime.. Love is true, love happens, it comes slowly, while sparks are still flying and it arrives to stay. Can't let go, can't stop it from spreading, and soon enough we're all finding it hard to breath, we're all aching to live.. It hurts, it kills, it gives life, and all of a sudden it takes it away too.

I think I kind of stumbled into it.

It scared me at first, because I had never felt something so powerfull. Everything was different this time, nothing like the first one, this time all the love I felt was hidden, disguised as friendship, or even better, it grew out from a friendship to something that words can never explain. It was beautiful just because it felt like something that grew, and became stronger as the time passed and as we got to know each other. Wrong, right, never taught of that, not for a second, I just lived it. Wrong move.

He was perfect. I'm not talking about his looks, he was cute, with eyes that could kill me in a second, but that was not it. He was, and still is one of the most beautiful persons I know, on the inside. He's kind, fun to have arround, always enjoying life. Hardworker, peaceful, brave and most of all his heart is priceless. I knew I had found the only guy who could really fufill me, and for a second that felt like an eternity I was happy.. Me! Happy! Even I know how awkard those two words look together. I fell into his arms, and believed it was forever. I wasn't thinking about the future, but forever seemed to fit my perfect fantasy. Then again, wrong thinking..

It wasn't perfect, it wasn't true, it had nothing to do with forever.. I wasn't faking, but aparently, he was trying to forget someone and realised we were a mistake. It was so clichê, that I couldn't believe it. I could see the movie clip rolling, but I was standing still, facing the facts, the truth that all the actors seemed to already know.. Maybe I should've read the script.

Now I just wish I could go back, and keep myself from feeling, because I just don't know how to stop, the movie is ending, and he'll probably have his happy ending, but what about me? Is there a happy something ine the end of my story?

Can't possibly know, so I'll let the movie rolle, the leading man stay with his girl, and me, I'll stand behind the scenes, playing the extra on the love story of the man of my dreams.

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