Monday, August 31, 2009

Sure you don't care about the planet,
sure it's dying and many people don't care..
But I do,
And the panda does too.
I see this pictures,
and they give me hope ...


  1. Oh what a cute lil panda!! I care. I've been buying those cloth pages for the food markets so I don't use plastic. =)

    Hope u have a good week!

  2. awwwwwww
    the picture is sooo cute

    (still doesn't change how i see the future of the world though *spoiler: we are all going to shit!* :/)

    But you know me: pessimistic as always :)

  3. Hope is something that moves people and people must not loose hope for nothing of this world and about nothing of these world as when people loose hope they will loose faith and start not to believe they can do things and reach objectives and doubt of their own capabilities and strengths.
    Hope and faith is the last thing people should loose and preferentially they must not loose wherever the things run badly or not