Friday, August 28, 2009

1000 goodbyes

I stoped writing for a few days, not because I was lacking of ideas, but instead, I was full of them.
So much happened after the last thing I posted here, again I'm confused, lost, or whatever you call this weird feeling that has kept me smilling for like 3 days! It's brain freeze, sometimes I wonder if you do this on porpuse, if you like to always say goodbye and see my face when you keep coming back.. Maybe this makes you excited, it's like a game, where I end up the looser no matter what the dice says, and you.. ooh you are never satisfied, you like this don't you? I can't lie, I hate the game, but I can't stop loving the player..
And wow, I'm smilling again, and having so many dreams, so much hope. That's what you do best. You give me all of you, in the form of hope, enough to leave me wanting more, enough not to give up, to care. Cause I can't see you sad, never want to make you mad, so if I do, you'll know, I finnally stoped loving you.
I'll be waiting as long as I can, I'll believe even in the end, and I'll hope for a miracle right now, cause I know the end isn't near, and so far I believed and it didn't work, and maybe just maybe, I'll be brave enough to handle your next goodbye, and ask you to close the door as you leave..

1 comment:

  1. firstly, wow, give me some of that hope pwease :3
    secondly, amei o texto! esta mesmo mt mt bom :)

    (and in answer to yer question: ideas come from songs xD most of the time)