Friday, August 7, 2009

Hot Water - Story Part 1

Something pulled me back, I don't know what it was, but I sunddenly found myself in that same situation again.
Fear run thru my veins, and my eyes like always, showed all my emotions. I desperatly wanted to cry, but all the years had left me with no tears.
I could see everything just like it was before, my body was there, you were there, but my mind was far away, in a time where me and you couldn't possibly be together in the same room.
How could this be?
You were talking to me, I wasn't listening, but my mouth opened like it had life of its own, and I said something to you. At the time I new that what I had to say would hurt you, you would despise me but I said it, I thought it was for you own good, I thought I could make you chose a life where you'd really have a chance to live..
I caught you by surprised, you weren't expecting those words, your weren't expecting to be in this situation. Your face immediately turned red, and you shouted at me! You were angry and hurt. your muscles were tense, I could see the veins in your neck so cleary that I knew how hard you were trying not to lose control.
You wanted me, I could see it in your eyes, all the love you felt, and how in someway I was making you not want to see me again.
Just like so many times before I saw myself crying, and I saw you struggling with the sudden urge to comfort me, to take me in your arms and promisse me that everything would be ok.. But this time you didn't, guess I had broken your heart, or maybe I had just wanted you to be the one that makes the decision, and you were feeling the burden of making it.
You got closer to be, and grabbed hold of my hand, and said:
"Say it to my face, really tell me you don't love me anymore!"
- Grab her!!
All her body was shaking, she was having another atack.I grabbed her really tight to my body, somehow I was feeling close to her, to what she felt, to her problem, and somehow I knew that she would never be close to having a happy ending..

To Be Continued


  1. "say it to my face, really tell me you don't love me anymore!"

    dun dun dunnn -ze suspense!-

    quero saber mais sobre a história. o que se passou...como tudo comecou... -waits for continuation :3-

  2. My friend, I have no clue what to say,
    your words always blow my mind away..
    Some people keep on pretending
    that their story as had an happy ending,
    but deep inside there only lives misery
    and the rotting stench of jelousy.
    Keep on fighting till the end,
    a time there will be nothing to pretend.
    Cause after all that you have been through,
    there is no doubt one day you'll see all your dreams come true.
    And that day I'll call one of the sweetest girls I've came to know,
    and giggle to her "see? told you so.."

    Adoro-te patxoooooo@@ BFF <3

  3. Obrigada por ter passado pleo meu blog e também pelo recado que me deixou =D
    Volte sempre!

  4. k historia hein?!i dunno hooooow u aaaaaaalways amuse me...
    i just read it and i already wanna know what happends next!!!drama drama drama!!!
    like xiripiti says:«dun dun dunnn-ze suspense-»lol

  5. so uma fim es o rapaz ou a rapariga?

  6. Lovely story with an lovely and amazing beginning and an unexpected end as i suppose it will occur. Nevertheless is a true story that can be applicable to someone, anyone or everyone..... i hope u keep writing it up to the end and it doesn't need to be the perfect and happy ending of all the love stories.... unexpected ends make stories more charming and captivates more the audience and more audience