Sunday, August 2, 2009

The old, new me

My mother use to say to me, that every person as a mission in life. I guess I never really thought about that until I was old enough to understand how short life is and that we should make the most of our time here.I spent most of my childhood in Macau, although I loved everything about that place, the culture, my friends everything, I always felt that I could be so much more..
I lived basically in a soap opera, it was all about gossip and popularity, it was never about who you really were, but instead it was about who would do anything to be someone else. It creeps me out to think about how many different persons I was in those nine years, and I admit that I'm not proud of who I tried to be.
It was only a year before I came to Portugal that finally I understood who I really was, and immediately knew that the true me was always there, I looked at it, but I could never really see it.

I came to Portugal and my world cracked into small little pieces, everyday I woke up in my new bed, and looked desperately trough my window hopping that somehow I had flown to Macau and everything would be OK. I finally gave up.. Macau was out of my life for good and I thought that I would loose myself again!
I was wrong!

I surprised myself, I knew that I couldn't go to that dark place again, of not knowing who I was anymore! I decided that I had nothing to loose, and with that in mind, I showed myself to the world, and... I survived

Now I know who I am! I can look in the mirror and not be ashamed of what I see! I'm so much more out there, and everything seems to be going in the right direction.

I've won, I've lost, over and over again, trying to get to the top of the mountain, until now.. Its clear to me that the journey is what really matters, not how fast I can get to the top.

It was never always about me, its about everyone, we must stick together, we are stronger as one, and for that I thank you my friends


  1. sou a primeira!!!heheheee
    very good the texto, i'm feeling it, i'm feeling it man!;)
    lov u veery much mi lov ticha

  2. Adorei o texto!
    "I've won, I've lost, over and over again, trying to get to the top of the mountain, until now..." AMEI essa parte!!!

  3. I'm glad ....very happy and now i feel that part of my mission here in the world as been fully accomplished and now i see that u really grown up, mentally and spiritually, not only physically and I'm so happy for have contributed some how, in some way for that growing.... you became a true and real open minded person prepared for the daily fights and battles of life.... I'm very proud that you have grown and I know that now you will listen carefully everything I said to you, every advise I give to you and more than that you will think every time before you take a decision and act but I know that thinking will not cut you out of the decision...
    True friends are the most important and relevant thing that exists in the world.... Happy of the person that has many true and loyal friends

  4. Cheers to an amazing girl!

    Thank you for the light u bring to the world, capable of illuminating the shadows that hide inside in each and everyone one of us.

    Funny, clumsy but full of life, and i do relate a lot to that :p
    Humorous, which by the way has been proven to be directly related to very intelligent people, and full of energy!

    That last one, energy, i really don´t know where your got batteries!
    Just amazing!

    And last but not least, i would like to congratulate on an truly amazing blog, where good taste, interesting philosophy and a perspective of the world that anyone but a few illuminated individuals have access to.

    Thank you for sharing such wisdom and please keep it coming!

    I promise i will follow your steps... one day... soon and join this "Blogmania"!

    A kiss my size ( for those who don´t know... that is some HUGE kiss! )

    Keep it up!