Sunday, August 23, 2009

Never alone

I was never an easy person, even today I have alot of trust issues, it's difficult for me to trust someone, because all my life no one was brave enough to trust me, to help me.. I needed to be saved, and for along time I fought alone, against everyone, and everything. You don't need to know the story of my life, but basicaly until I was seven I was alone in the world. It was scary, being alone and pretending not to care, I was strong, still am, and I still think that I can do everything by myself.. But there's no need for it, cause I've got the best friends and mother in the world, and they care!

I decided to write to them, so to you, to all my friends, veryone who's standing beside me today, and everyone who's far but in my heart.

There was always something about me that was difficult to understand, I know that, and I know that you struggle everyday to understand me, to not give up.. Sometimes I push you away but you keep coming back, and I'm so gratefull for everything. There wouldn't be a PATXÓ if it wasn't for you, cause all I ever did, was to arrive at this moment and see how many great people I have arround me and how I'm not sure I deserve it..
I know how much I care about you all, and how much of a pain in the ass I am, but it's just me, and I know if I changed you'd miss me ..
So now I'm showing here all my love for you, for everything that you all did ´for me, and to say that forever I'll be here to help, forever I will care, and to say that forever is not long enough..

Love you all


  1. life is a fight. some people give up, some people come close, and others are fighters. you are a fighter. i wish i had that much courage, sometimes i feel like i don't really want to try anymore. more shit just happens.

    you are an amazing person, don't ever doubt that. we will always love you :)

    and we'll always be there for you no matter what :D

  2. you're right... you are a pain in the arse! :P And I do Love you that way! :D

    Friends Forever ;)