Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something in nothing

I knew I could see the future,
Maybe make it better,
maybe it didn't matter..
I knew I would have to cry,
I knew we were nothing but a bubly lie,
But I had to try..
Sundenly everything was something,
All my feelings were revealed
The truth was that
In the end I was the one who was real..
I cared enough not to show it,
I saw enough not to care,
But somehow it always ended up
In "stop and stare"..
I swear I only needed you,
I tried to make it come true,
But everything wasn't for you..
And so here I am,
After all we've been through,
Something in nothing,
this is me and you..

1 comment:

  1. amei. and so true.

    sometimes we strongly believe in a lie, hoping desperately that somehow it can become real. sometimes we believe that nothing could one day become something.