Friday, August 14, 2009

Hot Water- Part 2

I don't know why, or how, but that girl was getting to close to, or was I to her?

I was watching her sleep, and she look so peaceful, so different from when she was awake.. Could be that only dreams could save her?

I was writing on my book and thinking that I had to do something, I had to find a cure, and try to save her from what seem to be her end. I looked back to the first day when she came to the institution, everyone was looking at her, curious, horrified.. She was the girl that appeared twenty days in the news, the girl everyone talked about, the girl that no one understood, and it was scary.
She walked in, her hands were tied up, and she looked right into my eyes, and she knew who I was immediately, she could read me like an open book, and from that moment on she couldn't leave my eyes. Iknew she was trouble, not for me, but for herself. I watched her closly everyday, and I soon learn that she was conscious for a long period of the day, but at night, she was impossible, no one could stop her, no one could calm her.. It was like she lived in a different place at night, a place she didin't like, a place se didn't want to go back to. But it kept pulling her.

Nothing could make her sleep, and so she didn't let anyone sleep, she shouted, asking for help, but I knew, no matter how much medication I gave her it didin't work, she had to save herself, I could only watch and pray.
And so I prayed..

I knew from when I was a child that we should pray everyday, but I always thought that we were the builders of our lives, we controlled our desteny.. I was so wrong.. Here I was, a man at the highest point in my career, thinking that he knows everything, until this girl came and I learned how I knew nothing.
Right now I'm tired, but I can't stop working, there's no one I ever wanted to save more than this girl, and somehow, someway I'm going to succeed.


  1. wow. really nice!

    (please tell me in the end the way he can save her is by conquering her heart :3)


  2. wonderful, lovely story .... a true story that maybe, and I hope so, will have a happy ending...
    Keep writting this wonderful story