Thursday, August 6, 2009


I never knew how powerfull emotions could be until I met you..
Something about you was so wrong and still, I kept coming back. I knew from the first time I looked into your eyes that you'd make me fly and also make me cry.
In the begining everything was too easy, too pure, and for some reason I refused to listen to what everyone said, I knew I was falling for you, but I didn't care. At that point there was no turning back, I needed you, your smile, your touch, your words.. Everything about you seemed to lightened up my day, and I used to laugh evertyme I heard the song "No air".. Gosh! It was so true.

Or so I taught.

I guess something went wrong, or it was just not meant to be from the start. We were never that close, but something kept pulling us together, a mystical force that didn't want us to be apart, that force wasn't strong enough to fight against everyone who wanted to separate us.. Oh god what am I saying??
Time has passed and I am still trying to turn this into a stupid fairytale, where we have to fight the evil and all the forces of darkness in order to be together.. The truth is that you were never a prince charming, and I was never Snow White.. I was awake for the ride.
I thought I knew who I was falling in love with, but I didn't.

When I look back, I think of all the things I felt for you, all the words that weren't said, and I realize that all we ever were was a bunch of lies, misunderstandings.. And guess what, I was never the lier!
But I kept coming back, and I loved you with all my heart, and you stopped caring, so I stopped loving. I never understood what you were, how you felt, what were your thoughts towards me, but I know that you cared, I could see it in your eyes.

Now I just want to move on, I'm sending you this letter just to say that I took your magic carpet and went on a magic ride hopping that somewhere in the world I can find a magic love story to fit my green magic world.

Ps: I also kept your monkey
Pps: My story will have a happy ending, just not like Dinsey's


  1. Exactly. You don't know me but I completely understand where your coming from. And I would like to send out a cyber hug to you. *hug*

    Ur Pps at the bottom, is the best thing I've ever heard.

  2. Amazing!
    e pra te citar: Oh God! (the good ones :3)

    loved the how you changed from adoring him to seeing his every flaw and every reference to fairytales. <3

  3. wow...that was really beautiful!=´)
    adorei duas partes:«i knew from the first time i looked into your eyes, that you`d make me fly and also make me cry» e «...i was never Snow White...i was awake for the ride.»
    ta muito giro!more textos more stuff!;)bjokax

  4. Like everyone in the world you must fight for your dreams, biggest or smallest that doesn't care as the dreams are yours. Never stop fighting, never stop searching, never stop running for your dreams become true as the life and the dreams are yours and you will be happy and fulfill whenever a dream comes true....