Monday, August 10, 2009

As old as rhymes

I'm lying here in my bed,
With my sketch book in my hand,
I want to write, draw something in it,
But I can't move..
I want to write something about you,
make all my dreams come true,
pull us together like the strongest glue,
but something doesn't fit,
there's nothing more to fight nothing more to keep
I want to sing for you,
I want to make you smile,
But I can't,
Cause you won't stay here more than a while..
I saw your face yesterday,
And I knew I was still hooked,
Something about you keeps pulling me back,
something about you makes me look!
I've fallen for you to many times,
there so much that wasn't said,
there are still so many signs,
but I can't do it anymore,
cause this poem is as old as rhymes..


  1. loved it so so so much. :)

    even when we know everything it's mission impossible and we wan't to give up on it, we just can't seem to do it.


  2. Beautiful. I'm right there with you with my mess. I've run out of things to do and things to try.

    There's a show in the U.S. called Sex & City. There's 2 characters named Carrie & Mr. Big. Carrie loves Mr. Big and there relationship has soo many messes so many problems but she loves him so she's always pulled back into his web. I recommend that show because there a scenes where I can so see you being like EXACTLY!!

    Hope u have a good day and draw something. Even if it's just a smiley face. =)

  3. Very well written, as usual, and also extremely objective and synthetic. However there is one lesson to take into consideration and that refers to pride, honor and self respect.....
    Independent of how much someone like, loves or adore other person that are always one relevant part of the story that usually people tend to forget and that part is ... self and mutual respect as any relation is a two ways relation.... one cares about the other and vice-versa .... is not only a one way relation and when this happens, sooner or latter, the relation will fall apart as one gets tired of expressed is intentions and the other, acting like a good politician, will accept them whenever is useful to him or not....
    Pay attention to these potential one way relation where, usually, the honest and sincere member of the story is the one that, normally, gets wounded, disappointed and soon.....