Monday, August 10, 2009

The end?

Why is that I allways have a tendency of righting to you? I guess it's because you are always on my mind, obviously I don't want you there anymore but you are so stubborn, there's nothing I can do! (LIER LIER LIER)

Life is not easy. I guess you can say that rich people have a good life, if you do say it, you're just kind of selfish and there's nothing you can learn about life anymore, cause you're one of those people who thinks they got all figured out, I have news for you: Life sucks ok?! It's not about you being rich or poor, or having a good job and a big family.. It's how we, human beings are seeing life, that's what it's making it suck.

So I'm making myself remenber what I learned in history classes many years ago.. Back in the time where men lived in caves, wore thongs and went hunting like savages(ok, now that I think about it, in that time there must have been a lot of sexual tension, if you know what i mean,those men were sexy, kind of hairy but hot), and these men killed to eat, to feed there families. Some people called them brave, I called them crazy. My point is that in that time, killing was part of life, and somehow we lost contact with death.

Why do we fear death so much?

The answer is simple, I don't care what's your religion, your beliefs, but what I know is that every human being is affraid of the unknown! The problem with death is that to one has come back to say what's on te other side. If there's something on the other side.. Cause maybe death is just the end of everything, a final stop in our journey.

Something tells me that back in the time of the men in caves, they weren't so affraid of death as we are today. They killed everyday for survival. They saw the eyes of the animals they killed closing, they were the ones to blame for what happened, I don't think they cared because that was just the way life was.

Now most of us don't have any contact with death, our food we just see it prepared for cooking, we don't see the blood, the animal being killed. Today I see that this is wrong. We shoud see it, and I know it's horrible, I speak for myself, I have an unconditional love for annimals, but we should looked at death as part of our journey, and me, I see it has a new begining.

We should enjoy life because we know that it doesn't last forever, but we should not hide under our beds because we know it's going to end.


  1. so so true! i guess we fear it a lot too when we see people around us dying at such a young age and begin to realize everyone we know will eventually die and begin to wonder if we'll one day be all alone...

    by the way: sexy cave men. 'nuff said :3 haha *

  2. This fear leads people to make nonsense outta themselves so that they can "enjoy everyday like it was the last". My opinion: they don't enjoy jack shit. Living shallow lives with a lack of purpose..
    Those who enjoy the simple things, those are the happy ones. The ones that are willing to trade everything they got for a friend, even their lives.
    I think that when you're willing to give your life for someone, whether literally or by dedicating the most of themselves for other one, you have understood the true value of your life. Cause after you're dead, your life means NOTHING to you. But it might have meant the whole world to another person.

    Life isn't about having what you want. It's all about wanting what you got.

    Patxo <3 cave men
    i <3 Patxo

  3. This is the true story of life that always ends in death but is death the real end of everything or just the beginning of something?????
    Life is something for be lived and enjoyed ... life is something nice, cool and good and is irrelevant for life if you are rich or poor, tall or short, fat or skin and if that is irrelevant for live is much more irrelevant and don't have any meaning for death as all the persons will die sooner or latter and death don't really cares if that person is rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, fat or skinned, tall or short .... but what is relevant is that the end of something is always the beginning of something else and we must see the problems and our defeats in battles not as a lost war but as a open window of opportunities.
    Smart and intelligent persons will live for ever not physically but in spirit as they will be remember for ever and ever.
    What people needs is strongly believe on themselves, on their capabilities and high potential and, whenever necessary and with no fears, call for help when they need even in a symbolic way as this one ..... “Nossa Senhora da Bicicletinha dai-me equilibrio e paciência para eu aturar aqueles que nao merecem ser por mim aturados....”