Sunday, August 16, 2009

In this world nothing is important
Everything is instantaneous and irrelevant..
I want to make this moment last,
make it matter,
make it happen!


  1. me likey XD

    and yeah, better wait for something that will matter, than go with the now which could end tomorrow xp

  2. It will last forever...
    It will matter...
    It will happen .....
    As long as you remain like you are now ...
    As long as you remain yourself.... as you do
    I'm proud of you...
    I'm proud of what you are....

  3. Aww U look happy!! I luv your bracelets.

    Moments are what's worth fighting for. =)

  4. well if u want to make it matter and happen.. it should be sth important.. obviously not everything is imp.. but i disagree when u say nothing is imp.. because if it was true.. i wouldnt bother to make ppl happy, laugh, satisfied... because they'd be irrelevant to me..
    gosto da foto.. :)
    remember that u're a happy girl with friends that are your brothers and sisters :)
    te amo